We understand that education is one of the most important factors that lets an organization grow and empower its workforce to become more productive. Macrosive offers training programs that would be provided by a highly experienced and informative team so that the objectives are met. We offer functional trainings, out of the box product capability training and custom training according to the requirements.

Training after Implementation

Our team would act as instructors and provide superlative training for you. We would provide training for you after we have developed solutions for you. User adoption of a newly developed system requires effort along with proper training. We would train an organization’s employees to understand the capability of the new system and work on it properly and efficiently. The training will make them understand the product capabilities and the instructors would take them through the functionalities as a virtual instructor. The Dynamics 365 functional training will give you insights about what it can do for businesses and at the same time you get the opportunity to have an interactive session as the instructors would be online to assist you. You get an opportunity to thoroughly understand the out of box capabilities of Dynamics 365 with such a training giving you much more operational efficiency.

Custom made training sessions for you

Are you looking for training sessions for specific topics? Get in touch with us and get training sessions specifically designed for you. Convey your concerns with us and we can design a training method especially for you. We will make sure that we educate you accordingly for all your requirements and you master the skills you require. You can always rely on us for training on different topics where you feel you lack in. We are always here to help you with different modes of training.

Providing Learning materials

Macrosive offers learning materials which would be of great help for you to enhance your skills in Dynamics 365. We can come up with online webinars for you giving you a better understanding of Dynamics 365 and its functionalities. Grab instructor guides from us which would help you identify several topics within Dynamics 365 and provide you with ideas for methods to improve your skillsets. Our instructors can provide presentations for you on several topics that would guide you with a visual representation of concepts. You can also avail for hands-on exercises designed by our team to better understand the operations and processes to be followed. Also, get user guides from us which would provide you with all the instructions about several features and functionalities.