We provide customers with supreme quality and industry-standard solutions so that they can take the lead with Microsoft technologies. We implement Microsoft products for organizations to capacitate them with the top-notch technologies required for their businesses to grow.

Offshore support

We work on offshore projects as well to give the best solutions for our clients. We can help you attain several goals with the most advanced results and deliverables. Macrosive has immense experiences team which can take care of such projects, tackle hazards and come up with world-class solutions for our clients. We understand what it takes to solve a complex problem and have thus associated with multiple clients offshore who recommend us to others as well. We can cop up and work accordingly with several time zones which again makes our clients more comfortable in working with us. Our clients have always expressed loyalty towards our brand and have rated us as highly recommended.

  • Macrosive has an immense experienced team that can take care of such projects, tackle hazards and comes up with world-class solutions for our clients.
  • The objectives of offshore outsourcing like cost-effectiveness can be met with our reasonable pricing.
  • We are always here to support you with all the implementations, updates and any other requirements of that sort.
  • We understand what it takes to solve a complex problem and have thus associated with multiple clients offshore who recommend us to others as well.
  • Our clients have always expressed loyalty towards our brand and have rated us as highly recommended.

Managed Services

We provide managed services to our clients with rich experiences and letting them explore new opportunities.Our dedicated team will be keenly analyzing the requirements of your business and delivering the supreme solutions for it.

  • We will act as a true extension of your organization and take care of your business requirements. We will have a dedicated team to look after the projects for you. Managed service is provided as a package of consulting, implementation and support for our clients on a monthly basis. The pricing for the project will be on a monthly basis and the billing will be done monthly for the resources consumed or as a monthly fixed payment.
  • With managed service, we would act as a true extension of your organization making sure all your requirements are met. We would have a dedicated team at your disposal for implementing the requirements and all the maintenances of your system. We look forward to a long – term relationship with the clients by being able to work hand in hand in their business requirements which would give them superior quality service and deriving best values for the investments.
  • Every system requires updates at a specific period. Support for all the upgrades in the system will be provided by our team making the processes hassle-free for you. We’ll monitor your environment 24/7/365, ensuring that it’s operating at peak efficiency at all times. We take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks so that you can focus on more important and pressing matters.
  • Our team will ensure all your data is backed up and protected, so that, no matter the circumstances, you can access your data when you need it most.

Development and Integration service

We can develop appropriate solutions for our clients according to their requirements and conveniences. With powerful tools from Microsoft common data platform develop appropriate solutions for our clients which provides them with ease of use and convenience. We take care of such development and also synchronizing the solutions with other Microsoft technology stack systems. We make sure that the solutions meet industry standards and are feasible ones for the clients. Integration of an organization’s legacy system with Dynamics 365 for the betterment in business processes enabling the smooth functioning of an organization. We take care of such actions with the utmost care and precision.


We understand the complexity in business processes and simplify such processes for you. We have intensive knowledge and experience in several verticals making it possible for us to formulate world-class solutions for you. We get into the depths of the business and analyze all the critical factors of the business. We understand better the requirements and the process implemented in the business. We always look forward to accommodating innovations in our solutions so that you are always one step ahead than your competitors. We concentrate specifically on Dynamics 365 which makes us more knowledged on that platform. We can educate you on what’s right and implement for you such innovative solutions that would do wonders for your business. Every industry has its ways of functioning which we are familiar with because of our immense experience in several verticals.


Macrosive provides several functional training for employees to empower them with proper knowledge. This allows the employees in the organization adapt to the new systems and become well versed with Microsoft technologies. People who require custom mode training can get in touch with us and we would provide them with specially designed modes of training so that they get relevant information. We can provide them with materials for references and also personalized experiences according to requirements.


Transform your organization systems to advanced and first-class technology to make sure that you always stay ahead of the game. Take a leap towards advancement with the implementation of latest business applications which would enable you to grow successfully. We can help you upgrade to the world-class systems and formulate advanced strategies for you which would make you future-ready. Upgrade yourself and pave ways for success in the organization. Empower the business with all that it needs to flourish and also your workforce to become more productive. Make the most out of your investments with upgrades from the traditional systems.


An organization would have sensitive data that has to be used within the business as crucial information. Setting up a new system and sophisticating the processes within the organization requires the migration of such sensitive data from the legacy system to the new one. The organization would have data that would be on-premise as well as on the cloud.
The implementation of a Microsoft technology ecosystem and clean migration of data either way according to the requirement of the client is done. Our team is well equipped and experienced for such operations and will keenly take care of data migration of your organization. Customizations according to the client requirement in the processes with scopes for better user adoption is made possible.