Author: Rakesh Anand


The Era of Forms Pro begins

Overview Microsoft forms pro is an enterprise survey capability through which we can gather feedback from others helping the organizations to make better and smarter decisions. Microsoft forms pro will be available for both Office 365 and Dynamics 365 and will store the data in Common Data Services. Microsoft has a platform for creating surveys with Dynamics 365 named Voice Of Customers (VOC) which will be depreciated and replaced by Microsoft forms pro. Microsoft…

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LinkedIn Integration with Dynamics 365

LinkedIn Integration with Dynamics 365 LinkedIn sales navigator and Dynamics 365 can be integrated together to enhance the sales capabilities of organizations making use of the rich tools and functionalities. The sales navigator functionality enables employees to accelerate sales by efficient management of all the contacts with ease. LinkedIn sales navigator is a subscription service, unlike LinkedIn. The integration is…

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Dynamics 365 V/S Salesforce – Who wins when the CRM Titans meet?

The market for CRM has increased dramatically over the last years. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are the 2 leading business applications today. This has been a long lasting rivalry and both the companies are putting in effort and investments to improve in every aspect. Business applications are designed to meet the overall goals of customer relationship management and gain…

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How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost?

If you have got plans to implement Dynamics 365 we have put together some substantial data that one needs to refer to before doing it. The information would give clarity regarding the licensing criteria and the cost related to it. Dynamics 365 can be bought as either individual application for specific domains or on a plan basis. The implementation of…

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Dynamics CRM 2016 Web API replaces SOAP and REST endpoints

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web API was introduced as a preview version for developers on Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1, It is precisely a REST endpoint which can be consumed across a variety of languages and platforms. It was so difficult earlier if you have to authenticate and do data operations from WordPress or Quickbooks or a mobile app, but…

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